56372163Do I Need Hearing Aids?

Do you need Hearing Aids?

I hope this short article will help you decide or at least convince you to have your hearing checked. A common type of hearing loss is one in which you have normal or nearly normal hearing in the low- and mid-pitched sounds, but have hearing loss in the high-pitched sounds. Some examples of low-pitched sounds in speech are vowel sounds like "o, ooh, ah, a, e," etc.

What Are Some Of The Signs You Might Need Hearing Aids?

If you frequently complain that people are whispering or mumbling or if you’re always asking people to repeat what they have said. Do you have increased difficulty understanding others with background noise such as noisy rooms, social occasions, or family gatherings? Do you prefer the television or radio louder than everyone else. If you have difficulty understanding people when you cannot see their faces. Do you have trouble hearing at the movies or theater, church or public gatherings? Maybe you are Becoming more impatient, irritable, frustrated, or withdrawn.

Some examples of high-pitched sounds in speech are "f, s, th, etc. These high-pitched consonant sounds carry the meaning of words so they help us understand speech, but tend to be very soft in volume. The low-pitched vowel sounds carry the volume of speech, but do not have much meaning. Therefore, vowel sounds help us hear speech, but do not help us understand what is said. In normal conversation, speech might sound loud enough but not quite clear enough if a hearing loss is present. This problem is worsened in background noise, since background noise will interfere with and cover up the speech you are trying to listen to. This problem is often associated with sensorineural hearing loss, which results from damage in the inner ear and/or in the auditory nerve endings.

How Hearing Aids Can Help You:

  • Digital Hearing Aids especially can improve your ability to understand speech (such as conversations) by amplifying the sounds (such as high-pitched consonants) not audible to the individual. The extent a hearing aid can improve speech understanding will depend on the degree of the person's hearing loss and how much noise is present in the listening situations.
  • Hearing aids make sounds louder (amplify sounds) so that you can hear them. The goal is to make soft sounds audible, the sound of normal conversation comfortable, and loud sounds loud, but not too loud.
  • Some hearing aids can amplify high-pitched consonant sounds more than low-pitched vowel sounds to help you hear better in noisy situations. There are no hearing aids, however, that can completely eliminate troublesome background noise.

Hearing Facts:

  • A large number of surveys shows that the use of hearing aids causes significant improvement in the quality of life of hearing impaired people.
  • Did you know that About 3-4 in every 1,000 newborns have significant hearing loss. It can be inherited or caused by illness or injury.
  • Hearing aids improve life for hearing impaired elderly as well as for the relatives with whom they interact.

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Have Your Hearing Checked Today To See If Hearing Aids Can Help You
A hearing test usually comprises a number of different examinations, e.g. pure tone test, middle ear test. When taken together, they can determine whether or not a person is suffering from hearing loss, and to what extent. nidcd

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