Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

The cost of hearing aids can go into many thousands of dollars. The cost of hearing aids makes many people think “Hmmm. Would it really be so bad to go deaf?” Hearing aids can be a major investment that should be given all of the homework you would put into buying any major purchase, such as a car or a house. 

Many Reasons For Such High Cost?

Companies that make custom made hearing aids are interested in not only making a quality product that will last for years, but they are also interested in making a profit. Part of the reason that explains the high cost of hearing aids is supply and demand. Things that are big demand tend to cost higher than those that don’t. This is how businesses get profit. 

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The biggest reason for the high cost of hearing aids is that you are not just buying the one or two little gadgets. You are also buying the time it takes to customize those hearing aids for your ears. Think about cars. If all cars were customized to fit their new owners bodies, that would really slow down car production and jack up the price because of the intense labor involved. Hearing aids just can’t be churned out in a factory. They are pieces of incredible engineering geared for just you.

Options To Pricey Custom Hearing Aids

There are choices to paying the high cost of custom made hearing aids tailored just for your ears. You can buy used hearing aids, but caveat emptor applies. You can also use a hearing aid that fits behind the ear (BTE) rather than placed inside your ear canal. Listen up if you are a Veteran, you don’t have to pay the full cost of hearing aids. The Veteran’s Administration picks up some of the tab. Also, check with your health insurance or social security plan. Occasionally part of the cost of hearing aids will be covered by your provider. You can also buy hearing aids through mail order and online retailers, but you may have to sacrifice comfort for a low price. There are people who only go deaf in one ear. If this is the case then you can always buy only one hearing aid. 

It is a shame in a sense that hearing aids have become so small. Although it can be very hard to see them in the ear, they are not very impressive looking at first glance. They don’t sparkle like a diamond or attract admiring stares like a racehorse or a sports car would.

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