Understanding The Differenthearing_aid_thumb_7 Types Of Hearing Aids

So your family members have complained about the volume on your television set, and if your getting tired of all the complaining it may be time for you to consider hearing aids.

But how do you know what to choose between the different types of hearing aids available? Your audiologist or doctor can explain to you which type of aid will work best for you; but ultimately, only you can decide which of the types of hearing aids is going to be the most comfortable for you.

It may be that your hearing isn’t that bad and you just want something inexpensive just to help out when your watching tv. That’s as good a reason as any.

There Are Three Different Types Of Hearing Aids To Consider

Although there are many different brands and manufacturers of hearings aids, there are really only three different types of hearing aids. Behind the ear hearing aids, or BTE aids; in the ear hearing aids, or ITE aids; and in the canal hearing aids, or ITC aids. Each of the three different types of hearing aids are sized differently and process sounds differently also.

BTE (Behind The Ear)

The first type of hearing aids we will look at are BTE aids. A BTE aid is worn behind the ear with a wire that connects to an earmold worn inside the outer ear. The hard plastic case contains the electronics, and sound is transmitted through the wire into the earmold. BTE’s have been recommended for hearing impaired people of all ages, and can be used at all levels of hearing loss; from only a minor impairment, to more severe hearing loss.

The second type of BTE hearing aid that has become available in recent years is called the open fit hearing aid. The plastic case rests behind the ear just like the all BTE aids; but instead of an earmold, a small tube is inserted intothe ear canal. Most users of BTE aids seem to prefer the open fit that the BTE aids allow due to increased sound quality.

ITE (In The Ear)

The second of the different types of hearing aids is the ITE aid. ITE aids fit snugly into the outer ear, and are generally not recommended for children because they must be replaced often as the child grows. The electronic components of ITE aids are completely housed in a hard plastic shell that is placed into yourouter ear. ITE hearing aids will come equipped with a device called a telecoil, which makes telephone use easier.

The last of the three type of hearing aids are the ITC aids. ITC’s are custom made to fit the exact size of the wearers ear canal. Another type of ITC is a CIC, or completely in canal aid. Hearing aids like this are almost unseen inside hiding in the ear canal. These types of hearing aids are as a rule not generally recommended for severe hearing loss because their small size limits their amplification power. ITC’s are also not recommended for children.

Whether your hearing loss is severe or mild, there are many types of hearing aids for you to choose from that will help you to hear the sounds you miss much better.

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