energizer dscount hearing aid batteriesWhere Do You Go To Find Best And Cheapest Discount Hearing Aids Batteries?

If you have worn hearing aids for any length of time now, you have probably found yourself wondering “where is the best place to get discount hearing aids batteries?

If you know what battery your looking for Ebay has some tremendous bargains on name brands like Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac. You can even check out the sellers reputation. I have included a link below so you can take a look without having to going into eBay. Another nice thing is that you usually don’t have to pay sales taxes and the shipping is minimal because the batteries weigh very little.

Hearing Aid Battery Information To Have On Hand

Before you buy your discounted hearing aids batteries, you should have all of the important information about your particular brand of hearing aid on hand. The most important piece of information to have is what size battery your hearing aid uses.

Common hearing aid battery sizes are 675, 13, 312

You can easily remember the size battery you need, by remembering the color of the tab on it. A few years back, all hearing aid batteries began using a universal color coding system. This ensures that all users of hearing aid batteries, including the discount hearing aids batteries, are able to easily identify the exact size they need; thus eliminating much of the previous confusion surrounding hearing aid battery sizes.

The sizes of your hearing aids batteries are as follows: a red tab indicates size five; yellow indicates size 10; brown indicates size 312; orange indicates size 13; and blue indicates size 675. If you are unable to remember the exact number size of your hearing aid battery, this simple color coding system allows you the ease of only having to remember the correct color. The average lifespan of your discount hearing aids batteries will be the same as any other hearing aid battery. It will depend on the color (size) of your battery and the expiration date. Typically, the life of a hearing aid battery, in use every day, ranges from four or five days, to a maximum of one month.

Proper Storage Of Discount Hearing Aid Batteries

Sometime on eBay you have to buy a lot but then you save a lot too. So for that reason it’s important that you properly store your discount hearing aids batteries in a cool dry place. Keep them away from heat and freezing. Never mix old batteries with new, never store batteries in an area that may get hot, and never remove the tab from the back of the battery before you are ready to use it. Hearing aid batteries are typically what are called zinc-air batteries. The tab on the back of the battery keeps air fro mixing with the zinc until ready for use in your hearing aid. Sometimes, discount hearing aids batteries may come shipped with these tabs loose, due to older batteries, or longer shipping time. Most eBay sellers have a money back guarantee. This way you have the assurance that if those tabs are loose or have been removed, you can return the batteries for new ones.

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