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A recent survey done by the National Council on the Aging stated that 55% of Americans who need hearing aids cannot get them because they cannot afford them. Most health insurance companies will not cover hearing aids, which can cost upwards of thousands of dollar per ear. Until the prices come to a more humane level, what is the average American to do? Get used to the sound of silence? Not necessarily. You can try to get a pair of mail order hearing aids and save money.

What Kind Of Mail Order BTE Hearing Aid Are You Looking For?

You know that the mail order BTE hearing aid is worn behind the ear with a wire that connects to an earmold worn inside the outer ear. The hard plastic case contains the electronics, and sound is transmitted through the wire into the earmold. BTE’s are generally recommended for hearing impaired people of all ages, and can be used at all levels of hearing loss; from only a minor impairment, to more severe hearing loss.

Another kind of BTE aid has become available in recently, it’s called the open fit hearing aid.. The plastic case still rests behind the ear; but instead of an earmold, a small tube is inserted inside the ear canal. Many users of BTE aids seem to prefer the open fit aids due to increased sound quality.

Before You Go Mail Order BTE Hearing Aids Shopping You Need To Look Here

Before you get all fired up and type “mail order hearing aids” in your favorite search engine, you need to look at eBay. I’ve place a search link and some hearing aids that are for sale. You can find many name brands cheaper than mail order hearing aids.

Not all mail order BTE hearing aids will work as well as customized (and expensive) BTE hearing aids. If your hearing isn’t terribly bad then a non custom BTE hearing aid will work for you just fine.

IMaking A Sound Choice

Before you buy any hearing aids, mail order bte hearing aids or otherwise read the fine print. Know the company’s return policies in advance. This is supplied on eBay. Also look at the buyers feedback rating. Some companies will give you a month or less trial period on you’re your mail order hearing aids. Some mail order companies may request that you send them a copy of your doctor’s diagnosis for your hearing loss. 

There is no 100% guarantee that your mail order hearing aids or eBay hearing aids will help your hearing loss. There just hasn’t been a hearing aid invented that can work for everyone even everyone with your type of hearing loss. I’ve know people who have spent $5000.00 on custom in the ear aids and then wound up using $200.00 BTE mail order BTE hearing aids 99% of the time.

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