behind the ear hearing aids photo 1Using Hearing Aids And The Telephone

When you first losing your hearing, it can be difficult to use the phone. Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth keeping the darn telephone. Hearing aids aren’t always the answer, as they can sometimes whine and hiss when you are using the phone. But you needn’t toss out the telephone.

Hearing aids can make you more comfortable when using the phone

Federal law now requires that all telephones made after 1989 are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC). You don’t have to believe me, it’s called the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988. Sometimes phones and hearing aids don’t match, one giving noises that cancels out the effects of another. That’s what causes the whining and hissing. Federal law is trying to get all kinds of wireless phones and headsets to HAC it, as well.

Special Phones And Telephone Hearing Aids

If you don’t really need hearing aids and you simply find it difficult to hear on the telephone do this; You can buy special telephone hearing aids or devices that set on the earpiece of your telephone to boost the sound level so you can hear more easily. Or you can purchase a new telephone that uses a volume control so you can turn it up. Most of your in home cordless telephones have this feature now.

In the ear hearing aids, ITE aids usually come equipped with a device called a telecoil, which enables easier telephone use.

Using Hearing Aids And The Telephone Should I Get A New Phone?

You don’t have to worry about using a public, hospital or social service office telephone. Hearing aids will not bother them as they all had to be replaced by HAC compatible phones back in 1989. Even business are required to have all HAC compatible phones by late 1989.

If your land line phone was made before 1989, you need a new land line telephone. Hearing aids will not work well with them. The price of land line phones have gone down since the surge of the cell phone, so you will find land line phones on sale sooner or later. All telephones sold now are required to have prominent “HAC compatible” labels on them. 

If your cell phone was made before 2005, you will need a new cell phone by now anyway. They are also required to have “HAC compatible” labels prominently displayed on them. All digital wireless handsets are required to be 100% HAC compatible by 2008 or the FCC is not going to allow it to be sold.

Also according to the HAC act of 1988, all stores are affected that sell mobile telephones. Your Hearing aids are sure to work now with your new cell-phone before you buy it. The stores are now required to let you test the phone if you so desire. This law covers only mobile telephones and not land line phones, but many department and electronic stores will plug your phone in for you to see if it works well enough for you.

Any new phone you buy should have an easy to operate volume control button or switch. Using Using hearing aids and the telephone should now be easier than ever before. Sometimes they will also have a mute button, which is increasingly becoming handy these days. With all that said if you just need to boost the sound just buy a new telephone with an adjustable volume control.

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